diamant piger gammel estrup castle

, rococo and the 1800's. 1, since 1930 the manor has been a museum, showing the development of Danish nobility through the ages. Hans in 1513 who died in a horse riding accident. Estate lands were parcelled out and sold, furniture and possessions was sold off on auction. After his death, the heirs gave up on the continuation of the century-old manor house. 3, but it was his great-grandson, Eske Brock (1560-1625) who rebuilt and modernized the manor. Autumn holiday Christmas holiday: Tuesday Sunday 10pm-15am (weekend 10pm-16am). It was expensive for the newly established Manor Museum to refurbish Gammel Estrup, and it took both money and persistent effort to get hold of the original furniture and fittings for the manor. But the project received huge support and, from the very outset, the Museum received many visitors. During the 15th century, members of the Brock family were some of the most prominent nobles in the kingdom. This may be something of an exaggeration, but as a testament to the vast number of estates he possessed he commissioned the eight magnificent tapestries, which depict all his manor houses. Eleonora Agnes Scheel, born Raben, married into the Scheel family in 1765. This marked the swansong of Gammel Estrups role as centre of one the largest estates in Denmark. 2, the south-facing wing was created between 18 but all that remains today of the original castle is the east wing. Christian IV built a north wing facing the port, which was used as a granary for the storage of food supplies such as grain. diamant piger gammel estrup castle

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